August 2000
Volume II, Issue 12

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Back to School IdeasCreating File Folder Games

Making the Technology Commitment

Back to School Ideas

On the Speech Therapy Activities discussion board, there have been many requests for "Back to School Ideas". One great response from MAreCAsh was to decorate the work/reinforcement folders on the first day. MAreCAsh also plays "Dice to get to know you" game. Have a list of questions, such as, What is your favorite color?, Do you have any pets?, What is your favorite TV show, etc. Each person rolls the dice and must answer the number of questions as the number that is rolled. It helps the kids to get to know each other and MAreCAsh gets a good baseline on expressive language levels. An expansion of MAreCAsh’s idea is to make a spinner with visual cues to questions (paint palette for color, the letters TV or a picture of a TV for favorite show) and let the students spin and ask each other questions.The fall is a great time to teach "beginning, middle, and end". Ask students, "What did you do at the beginning of summer (June), middle of summer (July), or end of summer (August)?". You can put words on cards and have the student pick and card.

Children love getting mail. Help each student address an envelope with their home address. If they don’t know their address, this is their first homework assignment for the year. Then ask each child when is their birthday. If they don’t know it, then this is their second assignment. Put the birthday dates in a small pocket calendar and send out birthday cards during the school year. You can set this up in September and use it all year.

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Creating File Folder Games

Organize Yourself! Since many therapists travel to different sites, they end up carrying too many materials. Try making a few file folder games. They can be fun and easy to carry:

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Making the Technology Commitment

Even if you’re great at technology, there is always room to grow. With the fast pace of technology moving along, here is a strategy to keep you going with it.

  1. Speak with your supervisor, (principal, or spouse) about getting access to a computer, scanner, and digital camera. If you are the supervisor, be sure to write this type of equipment into your budget. Digital cameras and scanners can now be purchased under $100.00, so the time is right.Write two goals on how you will improve your use of technology. Under each goal write several objectives and under each objective write your activities. For example:
  2. Goal: to use PowerPoint during a therapy session
    Objective #1: Write a 10 slide Powerpoint presentation
    Activity: Find 10 pictures of /s/ in the initial position and place them in a Powerpoint presentation
    Activity: Put my recorded voice on the slide, saying the target word.

  3. Make your goals and dates to achieve them, realistic. Achieving one goal by Christmas and the other by June can be enough to get you going. Don’t try to rush the process and frustrate yourself.
  4. Be sure to get support if you need it. Meet with your supervisor, spouse, or principal, if you need to. If you are motivated by like-minded people, look around for a reasonably priced class.

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