Adolescents and Adults with Beginning AAC

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For several months, I’ve learned information about things that I’m not really interested in knowing about. Now, I know the difference between a make and a model¬†of cars. I know the weight and height of WWE wrestlers (wrestling and good trivia). I can recognize different breeds of dogs and I know the difference between NSYNC and O-Town. Why? I work with teens and adults who are nonverbal and have moderate to severe cognitive impairments. There were low-tech devices around their environment, but no one was using them. Most of the devices had bathroom, eat and drink labeled on them. There is only so many times you can ask for the bathroom. I developed a new motto, If you want somebody to communicate, give them something to talk about. By asking the person using the device and asking caregivers and staff you will be able to find something of interest to pursue. My material bag has become heavier with Teen People and WWE Magazines, but now we have a common topic and can get down to the business of communicating.

WWE championship

PrAACtical AAC:  Visual Supports in AAC Therapy with Older Students and Adults

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