Digital Ideas for Teens and Young Adults

February 22, 2014 | By jmitchell | Filed in: Language, Making Materials.

Digital images are at our fingertips since phones and most mobile devices allow us to take quick and easy digital photos. The most difficult step is salvaging the good photos then cropping and sizing to fit our purpose. Once you get a method here are some great activities for teaching:

  • Snap pictures of body parts, print them and allow students to make puzzles with them.
  • Photograph important places in the school, such as the main office, nurse’s office, and media center, and display the photos to help students visually identify key places in the school. Make smaller copies and put them on a sketched map.
  • Photograph activities during the daily routine and use them to learn sequencing skills.
  • Photograph a close up view of students’ faces. Cut out the face parts. Pick out a part and try to guess who it belongs to. Sort the parts and have the students put them together.

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