Fruit Salad

April 6, 2015 | By jmitchell | Filed in: Language.

Fruit CollageTime: 20 minutes
Materials: Fruits for salad
Activity: Turn an everyday activity of preparing a fruit salad into a lesson about the category of fruits. First, go to the grocery store and pick out all the kinds of fruits you will need for the fruit salad. When you get home, cut up the fruit. Spend some time talking about the different ways to cut fruit and how some fruit has the part that we eat on the inside.
Suggested Script: At the grocery store, Where are all the fruits? Look at the different colors. Which colors should we put in our fruit salad? (Point out the different shapes of the fruit.) Are the outside of the fruit soft or hard?
Suggested Script: At home, Look at the inside of the grapefruit, it’s pink!? Let’s peel the banana. Can you count 10 grapes? Help me squeeze this lemon. Mmm, smell the mango.
Other Activities: Use vegetables to make a vegetable platter. Talk about cooked and raw vegetables and how they are different.

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