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February 22, 2014 | By jmitchell | Filed in: Language.

danceThe greatest thing about being a therapist is getting to play at work. It’s OK to play and have fun. Be careful not to get into the mindset of Oh, it’s Monday and I have to go to ‘work’ (drudgery). Instead, get into the mindset of I get to play and have fun because if I’m bored and unmotivated, then my students will be bored and unmotivated. There are not many jobs where you get to play for most of the day, so enjoy and play…

  • Use the three different cups or half nesting eggs and play which one? Invert them and put a sticker or fortune under one. Mix them up. (This is the fun part, so play around a little.) The student gets to choose one. If you make them different colors, then they can label the one they want by color. Let the student continue guessing until the right one is picked. They get what’s under the cup.
  • Have a scavenger hunt. Let your student find the sticker, certificate, or just a treat. Make little slips of paper and write directions on them or code them using picture symbols. This game is especially useful if you are working on prepositions or attributes, but don’t feel like you have to work on anything. You can teach prepositions, attributes, and vocabulary by playing. (For example, Look in the back of the blue book.)
  • Dance and play music. Pick 4 or 5 types of music (opera, rap, dixieland, reggae) Play a sample of each and talk about the characteristics. Then play a sample from one of the categories you introduced and see if the student can guess what type of music you are playing. It’s a great, fun way to learn new vocabulary and categorize. Especially good for older students.


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