Make it Fun

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The greatest thing about being a therapist is getting to play at work. It’s OK to play and have fun. Be careful not to get into the mindset of Oh, it’s Monday and I have to go to ‘work’ (drudgery). Instead, get into the mindset of I get to play and have fun because if • Read More »

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Category Games

February 21, 2014 | By jmitchell | Comments Off on Category Games | Filed in: Language.

Why is learning categorization skills important? When we learn new words, we file them in our brain, according to characteristics. Then, when we need them, we know which file folder to retrieve them from. For example, if I give you the word ram, you will go to either the animal folder or the computer folder, but • Read More »

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Core Vocabulary

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Would you like to see an example of teaching core vocabulary during morning group?  Here’s a video clip from Dynamic Learning Maps! For more information and additional training: DLM™ Core Vocabulary and Communication These modules focus on the use of core vocabulary as a support for communication for students who cannot use speech to meet their • Read More »

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