Quick Artic Strategies

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game boardsMany children mispronounce words for different reasons. Reasons can include apraxia (motor sequencing problems), phonological processing problems (confusing and misusing the characteristics of speech sounds), dysarthria (muscle weakness), or lisps (misplacement of the tongue). The causes for articulation problems vary. Some problems can be neurological, some physical, and some are just developmental. Some children will get the sound when they are ready. ¬†Although treatment is different for different articulation disorders, the remediation for all of these problems has one thing in common… the more you practice correctly, the easier production becomes. Unfortunately, practice can be boring and tedious and what is fun for one child, may not be for another. Below are techniques that may help keep the child interested.

Therapy Techniques for repetition
The child repeats the target sound/syllable/word 2-3 times and gets a puzzle piece to complete a puzzle, a piece to put on Mr. Potato Head, or a piece to put on scene of Colorforms

Therapy Techniques for words
Picture cards on the floor and child throws a bean bag, then says the word.
Tape the picture cards to the wall and use a flashlight to light them up and say them
Questions: The opposite of hot is _____. What animal gives us milk? It’s cold so wear a ___.

Therapy Techniques for sentences
Put paperclips on the picture cards. Make a fishing pole by hanging a string from a stick and tying a magnet on the end of the string. Let the child go fishing, then say, I caught a _____. (This one is extremely popular with kids!)

Make a milk container or other box into a mailbox. Let the child put the card in an envelope and then say, I’m mailing a _______.

Quia with speech therapy activities
Speech Sound Disorders (ASHA)

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