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Quick Artic Strategies

February 22, 2014 | By jmitchell | Comments Off on Quick Artic Strategies | Filed in: Articulation.

Many children mispronounce words for different reasons. Reasons can include apraxia (motor sequencing problems), phonological processing problems (confusing and misusing the characteristics of speech sounds), dysarthria (muscle weakness), or lisps (misplacement of the tongue). The causes for articulation problems vary. Some problems can be neurological, some physical, and some are just developmental. Some children will • Read More »

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Learning Colors

February 22, 2014 | By jmitchell | Comments Off on Learning Colors | Filed in: Language.

I had a session with a parent who was trying to teach her daughter colors. The child’s classroom teacher had given the parent small plastic bears of different colors. The parent would drill the child by placing the bears in front of her and saying, give me yellow. I have also been in classrooms and • Read More »

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