hotdoghot dog

The form can be transmitted with any symbol system (sign language, picture representations, icons, writing or speech). Another example of syntax is combining a word (dog) and then changing the meaning by adding another word (barking dog, big dog, friendly dog).This is an area often neglected when teaching AAC.

You do not necessarily need to start with objects when teaching communication skills!

Normal developing communication (which is DIFFERENT from symbol representation):

using bowl to communicate
pointing to communicate

This is not necessarily the order we use for symbol representation. The development of communication and the understanding of symbol representation are two DIFFERENT skills.

Symbol Systems
When you are introducing pictures for communication, use graphics that the child understands. Picture communication symbols from BoardMaker may not be the best place to start. Young children are unable to read and if the printed word is not under the BoardMaker symbol, then it is difficult to determine what the picture represents. For example, here are three pictures. Which ones do you understand best?
snowfall boardmaker snow quickpics snow