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Welcome to Cerebral Palsy:
Simple Notes on a Complex Problem

Assistive Technology

Computer technology can provide opportunities for children with mobility impairments. Simple games, interactive books, and coloring programs can be used to assist children in learning and participating. Adaptive computer technology can foster independence, build leisure time skills, and increase self-esteem.

Input Devices

Most children with limited mobility will need either an alternative input device or modifications to standard input devices. Alternative input devices may include:

  • switch (with or without scanning software)
  • TouchWindow
  • Intellikeys
  • Trackball
  • Infrared optical head pointing systems
  • Voice input

There are an abundance of switches available from different companies. These switches can be tailored to meet individual needs. It is best to assess for primary and secondary access sites to help in determining what type of switch to purchase.

In the US, in 1988, the Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities was passed. From this passage, most states have developed "Tech Act" centers. These centers provide information to individuals and programs about adaptive technology devices. For information on the Technology Act and for the name of a site in your state, contact :
RESNA TA Project
1101 Connecticut Ave. NW
Suite 7000
Washington DC 20036
phone (202) 857-1140
fax (202)223-4579
If your child has not been evaluated for using adaptive computer technology, the Tech Act Center in your state may be a good place to state.