Books and Activities

The Carrot Seed

by Ruth Krauss, Harper Collins Publishers, 1945

A little boy plants a carrot seed.  His mother says, "I'm afraid it won't come up."  His father and his big brother agree.  At first, it seems they're right.  But the little boy knows better.  So every day, he pulls up weeds and waters the ground.  Until, one day, just as the little boy knew it would, something very special happens.

  1. Discuss what seeds need to grow.  Draw a picture of a carrot growing.  Draw all the things it needs to grow (sun, dirt, water/rain).
  2. How many ways can carrots be served.  Eat raw carrots and cooked carrots, shred carrots for a salad, slice carrots to dip in dressing.
  3. Find or buy packages of four or five different types of seeds. Mix five of each seeds in a bowl.  Sort the seeds and talk about same and different.  Guess what the seed will grow into, then check the package to see if you're right.
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